Awizard of earthsea essay

“Our other showcase programs included a lecture/discussion on the importance of fantasy literature by fantasy author Howard Andrew Jones at the Ellwood House and a panel about fantasy literature, moderated by our staff expert, Steve Roman, and featuring NIU professor David Gorman, Hugo Award winning editor Lynne Thomas, and local author and University of Chicago assistant professor Mary Anne Mohanraj. These programs served to broaden the book’s audience to adults and educated attendees on the significant literary contributions of fantasy writers.

In the Sci Fi Channel miniseries Legend of Earthsea , loosely based on the first two books of the series, the producers hired a white actor, Shawn Ashmore , to play the part of Ged. This alteration of the character's race was criticized by Le Guin as a whitewashing of Earthsea. [3] (Among other changes, the miniseries also reversed the character's names, making "Ged" his common use-name and "Sparrowhawk" his true name.) In the Gorō Miyazaki animated adaptation of the Wizard of Earthsea, Ged is portrayed as having slightly darker skin. [6]

Awizard of earthsea essay

a wizard of earthsea essay


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