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Aug. 27, 1998
Controversy deepens as newspaper prints three new Anne Frank diary pages
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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - A Dutch newspaper Wednesday published newfound excerpts of Anne Frank's diary that include bitter observations about her parents' near-loveless marriage, stoking the controversy surrounding the recently discovered pages.

In a front-page article, the Amsterdam daily Het Parool printed what it said was the text from three of the five missing pages, next to a large photograph of the teen-age Jewish diarist who with her family hid from the Nazis.

The excerpts accompanied a story claiming that Anne never wanted her writings published in the first place.

The publication prompted the foundation that has the copyright to "The Diary of Anne Frank" to call in its lawyers. The Anne Frank Fund, based in Basel, Switzerland, declined to comment further on the publication.

The newspaper would not say how it obtained the pages and was unrepentant about printing them. "We think the whole subject is news and there is no copyright on news," said Het Parool's deputy editor, Frits Campagne. "If they send their lawyers we will ask our lawyers to answer them."

The five pages have stirred up controversy in the Netherlands, where the Franks hid in a secret annex behind a movable bookcase in an Amsterdam canal house.

Earlier this month, longtime Frank family friend and confidante Cor Suijk disclosed that he had the pages. He insists that Otto Frank gave him the pages before his death in 1980, and demands that proceeds from their publication go to his Holocaust awareness crusade in the United States. Suijk works for the Anne Frank Center USA in New York.

Suijk, a renowned Holocaust speaker who addresses schools and community groups around the United States, claims he is the "rightful owner" of the pages.

The purported diary entries printed in Het Parool contained Anne's speculation that her father did not really love her mother, Edith.

"What has their marriage become? ... Father is not in love. He kisses her as he kisses us (children)... He looks at her teasingly and mockingly but never lovingly... She loves him as she loves no other and it is difficult to see this kind of love always unanswered," the excerpts read in part.

"If she had just one aspect of an understanding mother, either tenderness or friendliness or patience or anything else, I would keep trying to approach her. But this unfeeling nature, these mocking ways. To love that becomes more impossible each day," the newspaper quoted the diary as saying.

Citing one of the pages, Het Parool said Anne wrote she "would make sure nobody got their hands on" the diary.

David Barnouw, a spokesman for the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation, dismissed the claim and noted that Anne had written often about her aspirations of becoming a journalist.

"She is like any girl contradicting herself in her diary," Barnouw said Wednesday.

The war documentation center, which wants to include the pages in a new edition of the diary, has a lawyer helping it obtain them from Suijk.

Since its first publication in 1947, the diary has become a best-selling modern classic translated into dozens of languages. Anne's diary trails off in August 1944, just before the Franks were betrayed and sent to Nazi concentration camps.

Starving and freezing, Anne died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen camp, just weeks before the camp was liberated in the spring of 1945.

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