Anti war movement vietnam essay

The second half of the 20th century also witnessed a strong anti-war presence in other art forms, including anti-war music such as " Eve of Destruction " and One Tin Soldier and films such as M*A*S*H and Die Brücke , opposing the Cold War in general, or specific conflicts such as the Vietnam War . The current American war in Iraq has also generated significant artistic anti-war works, including filmmaker Michael Moore 's Fahrenheit 9/11 , which holds the box-office record for documentary films, and Canadian musician Neil Young 's 2006 album Living with War .

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The following year, Nixon claimed in a famous speech that anti-war protesters constituted a small–albeit vocal–minority that should not be allowed to drown out the “silent majority” of Americans. Nixon’s war policies divided the nation still further, however: In December 1969, the government instituted the first . draft lottery since World War II , inciting a vast amount of controversy and causing many young men to flee to Canada to avoid conscription. Tensions ran higher than ever, spurred on by mass demonstrations and incidents of official violence such those at Kent State in May 1970, when National Guard troops shot into a group of protesters demonstrating against the . invasion of Cambodia, killing four students.

Anti war movement vietnam essay

anti war movement vietnam essay


anti war movement vietnam essayanti war movement vietnam essayanti war movement vietnam essayanti war movement vietnam essay