Barn burninig essay

Another advantage is the modification of genetic traits in human beings. Human genetic engineering science modifies human beings genotypes before birth. This process can be utilized to manipulate some traits in people. Genetic engineering can be employed to suppress negative traits while boosting positive ones. Positive genetic engineering is concerned with the enhancement of positive individual traits. This includes increasing human capacity or longevity. Conversely, negative genetic engineering is concerned with the quelling of negative human traits such as some genetic diseases.

Sarty is forced to use his own discretion in every situation to decide between remaining loyal to his father or defying his family by doing what is right. The best description of Sarty feeling torn between loyalty and doing what is right is when he says he feels as if he is “being pulled two ways like between two teams of horses” (166). There is one example of Abner teaching Sarty to go against the community that really stands out. He tells Sarty, “You’re getting to be a man. You got to learn. You got to learn to stick to your own blood or you ain’t going to have any blood to stick to you” (161). Abner is basically telling Sarty that no matter what, you defend your family. This warning from his own father makes it even more difficult for him to do what he thinks is right. He knows what is right, but he has been told that family is more important than the truth. When Abner tells him to “stick to his own blood”, it seems like he is trying more to convince Sarty rather than simply explaining it to him.

The cell phones have made a significant impact on the social life of people. Apart from voice and text services, some cell phones have cameras, alarm clock, and radio and allow access to the internet. Youths take advantage of some of these features in a positive manner to organize and maintain social contacts with friends and relatives. They also heavily utilize social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype for entertainment. In the recent years, cell phones carry out mobile money transactions whereby the SIM card is the unique personal identifier. Banks have also made it easier for their customers to access their accounts, check balances, and receive bank statements from their phones.

Barn burninig essay

barn burninig essay


barn burninig essaybarn burninig essaybarn burninig essaybarn burninig essay