Blocked mobility thesis

Nel, L. (2005). Asperger Disorder and the Tomatis Method: A Case-Study. Thesis (. (Clinical Psychology)), North West University, Potchefstroom Campus. Available online . What Sound Therapy has achieved with Autistic children:

  • They show a greater interest in making contact and communicating with the people around them.
  • Interactions with their family members have become more affectionate and appropriate.
  • Increased eye contact and the children have a longer attention span.
  • Initiate contact rather than waiting to be approached.
  • For children without language, vocalisation has increased, initially as screams and then as babbling.
  • Children who can speak may develop a more appropriate use of language, . beginning to use more personal pronouns ("I", "you") or first names, and using words to express their feelings.
  • They may begin to laugh and cry at appropriate times.
  • Once children have begun to emerge from their emotional isolation they have shown increasing responsiveness to what they are being taught and to the people who care for them.
Which Sound Therapy International Program should I use?

Blocked mobility thesis

blocked mobility thesis


blocked mobility thesisblocked mobility thesis