Can we save planet earth essay

My take on it is that as I already HAVE them, I may as well use them as long as possible. If the reason for not using them is because of the chemicals contained, then I re-purpose the containers for something other than food, such as art supplies or craft projects. Yes, they’re going to end up in a landfill eventually, but getting rid of them now won’t make any difference, and if I need to replace them with something else, then I’m using more of the world’s resources (even if what I use to replace them with is eco-friendly: there’s still the matter of production and transport, etc.).

The show presents potential solutions to global warming, followed by a panel discussion about the road ahead. Acknowledging the scientific consensus on the issue, the debate will steer clear of the pointless "skeptics vs. alarmist" angle and focus on what we can do as individuals, a nation and a species to avert the impacts of climate change. Attenborough's film lays out seven components of a sane response to global warming - strategies and targets from the household to big industries and government. But each one has implications, and many - like a growing reliance on nuclear power - are highly contentious. Our goal is to debate these strategies in a positive and constructive spirit: combating the paralysis of swirling fears with concrete ideas for informed action." But in retrospective, in 2006, Attenborough did not have enough scientific evidence to be more blunt. So, the author of this review simply summarizes the situation of year 2011 as following: Pollution, eating species into extinction and massacre of environment happens on global scale: sacred and very needed by life on Earth trees are being massacred by human predator. Gold mining, illegal tree cutting, illegal ranching in Amazon already destroyed a lot of sacred trees. Films: "AMAZON with Bruce Perry", "The End of the Line (2009)". Most vicious predator (human) must learn to stop destroying its own environment. Most vicious predator must stop unbounded (exponential) reproduction: it leaves no space for healthy environment for most vicious predator and leaves no space for animals. CONSUMPTION is not "cool" anymore. Hint: coexistence of human and environment (nature and animals).

Can we save planet earth essay

can we save planet earth essay


can we save planet earth essaycan we save planet earth essaycan we save planet earth essaycan we save planet earth essay