Consumer behaviour essays

The theories and concepts of Consumer behaviour help marketers to optimize their sales and to create efficient marketing strategies. Moreover, these theories provides marketers with information on the consumer's behaviour to spend money, likely causes that incline them to spend more money on a product, and these two information help to plan strategies that should be practiced by the marketers for successful marketing of a product (Goessl, 2011). Studying different consumer behaviour theories helps to understand the different choices that consumers make to buy a product. There are some factors that need to be carefully analysed by the marketers which help them to increase their sales and develop effective marketing strategies. These factors are discussed as follows:

Aaker (1996) defines brand personality as the set of human characteristics associated with a given brand; consumers usually interact with brands as if they were people, especially when the brands are attached to such meaningful products as clothes. In dealing with people, 'personality' is the various ways I which different individuals will be expected to behave give certain circumstances. (Feldwick, 2002). In general, if a brand does not have a humanity symbol and the meaning, then this brand will lose its personality. Brand personality is the brand of human performance and an important part of brand identity, it has a unique brand of personalised features and characteristics, and it can bring a powerful brand association and rich connotation of the brand. A brand personality is developed to enhance the appeal of a brand to consumers (Gelder, 2003). VanAuken (2002) proposes that each brand should choose a target group with certain personality traits based upon the brand's aspirations and its customers' current perceptions of the brand. The product-related characteristics are possibly primary drivers of a brand personality (Aaker, 1996), and the attributes of the product will always be influenced by the brand's personality. The main reason for using brand personality, is that it can help people by increasing their understanding of people's perceptions and attitudes to the brand, compared to differentiating brand identity, guiding the communication effort and creating brand equity (Aaker, 1996).

Consumer behaviour essays

consumer behaviour essays


consumer behaviour essaysconsumer behaviour essaysconsumer behaviour essaysconsumer behaviour essays