Deepinsight dissertation

You will critically evaluate and implement policies and practices to attract, reward and retain a competent workforce. You will investigate how HR professionals attract people with the skills, attitudes and experiences an organisation needs to achieve its strategic objectives. You will discover reward methods that enhance a highly effective employee's fit in the organisation and help you to retain their talent. By the time you have finished studying this module, you will understand employee resourcing, talent and reward management from academic, strategic and practical perspectives. You will apply your learning in this module and develop professionally. You will be assessed via two assignments.

"Enrolling on the MA Terrorism and Security course at Salford was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made, albeit perhaps not one of the easiest to accomplish by SAT-COM from somewhere in the middle of Afghanistan! However, I received some great support going through the application process. What I found when I joined Salford was an innovative course run by an international team of enthusiastic and very knowledgeable staff. The lecturers presented and discussed contemporary events whilst situating them in their broader context and encouraging debates amongst the students. This made the course very relevant to a practitioner with many years of experience in conflict and post-conflict zones like me. At the same time, our rather spirited discussions in the seminars strongly indicate that the students who entered the course directly after their undergraduate degree found the course as interesting and enjoyable as I did! In addition, I had the opportunity to attend the excellent European Security, Terrorism and Intelligence (ESTI) seminars and conferences with top experts in the field of terrorism and security. For all these reasons, I would strongly encourage anyone with an interest in security and terrorism issues to enrol on the MA Terrorism and Security at the University of Salford."

Deepinsight dissertation

deepinsight dissertation


deepinsight dissertationdeepinsight dissertationdeepinsight dissertationdeepinsight dissertation