Demonstrated patriotism essay

A 2015 survey found no change, with just 1 of 20 major texts reporting that most participant-responses defied majority opinion. No text mentioned that 95% of subjects defied the majority at least once. Nineteen of the 20 books made no mention of Asch's interview data in which many participants said they were certain all along that the confederates were wrong. [28] This portrayal of the Asch studies was suggested to fit with social psychology narratives of situationism, obedience and conformity, to the neglect of recognition of disobedience of immoral commands (. disobedience shown by participants in Milgram Studies ), desire for fair treatment (. resistance to tyranny shown by many participants in the Stanford prison studies ) and self-determination . [28]

I am the outcast here – so much so, I have tried to comment and deleted it all a dozen times. The conservative fuddy-duddy that I am holds to ONLY Biblical Authority and that all prophesy begins and ends with the Holy Bible. I don’t believe or accept extra-Biblical material, or visions, or claims of prophesy, or sign-gifts, or speaking in tongues as being from God. It is a centuries old position; but it cannot compare with the experimental and often supernatural occurrences that reinforce the Charismatic realm of the last dozen decades.
For whatever retro, stunted, faith-lacking, or spiritual puritanicalism may be assigned critically to me – at least my foundation is sure, if limited. I know what extra-Biblical branchings the likes of Russell/Rutheford; Smith; and Eddy have produced. I can hear the howling – saying: but this is different! Well, yeah, different – as long as you don’t look at the similarities.
Remaining an ecclesiastical dinosaur is safe, as I remain unashamedly upon the ground of Truth of the written Word alone. I’m a hold-out, who has seen the Charismatic realm first-hand. There is no arguing against it. Those who subscribe either leave after discerning the fallacies and contradictions; or they will stay at all costs, rather than face the error(s). Those who leave are usually damaged and offended; those who stay, give up all rationality, chasing to keep the supernatural experiences as the source of their truth.
No, JC – it wasn’t James Chapter 2. It is more along the lines of Matt. 7:21-23. There is a disposition made in the heart toward the consideration of Truth; which each person determines for themselves – how far on that path they will trod. With the world, the flesh, and the devil opposing our advance: getting comfortably, or even attractively close – but not getting in: is not acceptable. Cut off your hand, your foot, or pluck out your eye – but don’t miss heaven: and somehow people still come up short. (It takes eyes to see.)
I’m in. And I can say authoritatively, from the Bible: ‘thus sayeth the Lord’: and it is enough. Anything else: I don’t trust. This being the case – I don’t fit with this crowd. In fact, I think the writing on the wall is for me. CH

Demonstrated patriotism essay

demonstrated patriotism essay


demonstrated patriotism essaydemonstrated patriotism essaydemonstrated patriotism essaydemonstrated patriotism essay