Dgge + thesis

IMBM has been awarded a National Equipment Program (NEP) grant to the value of million towards the purchase of a Becton Dickson FACS Aria III flow cytometer with an automatic cell deposition unit (96-384 well sorting). The combination of flow cytometry and next generation sequencing using the Illumina MiSeq (IMBM NGS sequencing service) will enable single cell genomics studies. This type of technical platform is not currently available in South Africa, making the combination of these two instruments  a first for the country. The service will also be open to be used for the usual suite of mammalian cell culture related assays and sorting which can be performed with this cytometer. The service should be up and running towards the middle of 2017, and we look forward to many exciting results from the platform ! Dr. Walter Nevondo, recently appointed as lecturer in IMBM, will be responsible for management of the platform and all inquiries may be directed at him.

Dgge + thesis

dgge + thesis


dgge + thesisdgge + thesisdgge + thesisdgge + thesis