Dolphin slaughter research paper

Would these captive dolphin facilities tell you that dolphins are extremely aggressive animals? They are commonly seen participating in infanticide, violent killings of porpoises and other dolphins,gang rape and kidnappings of females, bullying, biting and yes…there are many cases of dolphins attacking humans (mostly it is in captivity, by the way).
No way…they just tell people the fabricated, delusional version that dolphins are smiling, gentle animals that love humans. Wake up people!
Dolphins are not toys. They are very big, extremely powerful predators.
If you want to see dolphins, see them in the wild where they have freewill and are a true representation of , you don’t get to touch a wild dolphin (unless you want a negative response from them) but you don’t have to touch something to appreciate it.

In 2007, the slaughter of horses on US soil came to an end when a court ruling upheld a Texas law banning horse slaughter, and similar legislation was passed in Illinois. However, failure by the US Congress to pass legislation banning horse slaughter means that American horses are still being slaughtered for human consumption abroad. Tens of thousands are shipped to Mexico and Canada annually, where they are killed under barbaric conditions so their meat can continue to satisfy the palates of overseas diners in countries such as Italy, France, Belgium and Japan.

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Dolphin slaughter research paper

dolphin slaughter research paper


dolphin slaughter research paperdolphin slaughter research paperdolphin slaughter research paperdolphin slaughter research paper