English as official language essay

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Europanto is a joke, of course, but it may carry a serious message. Imposing a common European language may be a political impossibility, but that's not to say that such a language won't develop naturally in the long run anyway. Last year a frustrated senior translator at the European court of auditors compiled a 33-page document on commonly misused English phrases in EU publications ("to precise" meaning "to summarise" for example, or "actors" to mean "people or organisations involved in doing something" rather than "performer on a stage"). Eurospeak may not sound pretty to native English ears, but it may just be a lingua franca forming in front of our eyes. Discardant la textbuch, externalise sus sprachangst y just improviste.

English as official language essay

english as official language essay


english as official language essayenglish as official language essayenglish as official language essayenglish as official language essay