Essays on adolescent identity development

Physical Development
I think that Danni has reached his full body height at 5’5”, Danni is very active in school and participates in activities, such as clubs and soccer .He is very coordinated, skilled, fast and agile when playing soccer. Danni is from Brazil where soccer is highly practiced and he really wants to be a professional soccer player and follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. Danni’s nutrition and habits consist of eating a healthy, well-balanced diet; he rarely eats fast food and never eats sweets. He tries to maintain a nutritious diet because he wants to succeed in sports. Since Danni plays on sports teams, he is very strategic, he is the captain of the school soccer team and he is constantly working to try to improve his abilities. He views himself as good at sports and more likely to continue playing on teams in his adolescence, a predictor of greater participation in sports and other physical fitness activities (Kjonniksen, Andersen, & Wold 2009, Marsh et al, 2007, p# 423). He is planning to attend Calvary Christian High School after Cedar middle school because the High School has a soccer team so he can pursue his dream to be a professional soccer player. I observed Danni playing with his peers on the school playground. He displays so much energy and agility when he is in possession of a ball and kicks harder and propels the ball farther off the ground when running and jumping (Harwood & Getchell, 2014, p # 420). He confided to me that his intention is to go back to Brazil after High School so he can fully work on his dream and is not interested in attending college. His parents are showing significant support and willingness to help him succeed.

Cognitive Development
In school, Danni is a Straight A student and he is a senior in middle school and is going to Calvary Christian High School in the fall of 2016. His family moved to the United States when he was one year old, so he has been in American school...

One last week, two more in this: the doddering oldies, pushing off. How often they die in the approach to winter. Ich habe genug , as the Bach cantata says: an expression that may be taken wryly. Both my parents left, about this time of year. The youngest of that generation, ahead of mine, are now passing ninety. Few will last another decade. In my childhood veterans of the Great War were common enough; some had yet to retire. Then suddenly there were none; none at all. And so now with the graduates of the Second Great War, with their lovers and companions, gone where?

Essays on adolescent identity development

essays on adolescent identity development


essays on adolescent identity developmentessays on adolescent identity developmentessays on adolescent identity developmentessays on adolescent identity development