Genesis and greek myths and comparison essays

For some reason the modern historians seem to forget the influence of Egyptian mythology on the mythology of the Greeks. An example would be the Libyan oracle to Ammon which Alexander the Great visited. Ammon is a derivation of Amun or Amen as in Amen-Ra. Amen was the solar deity in lower or northern Egypt, Ra was the solar deity to upper or southern Egyptians (upper and lower seem backwards because the Nile starts in the south and flows north). Ammon was also associated with Zeus, which is why Alexander went through an arduous journey to visit the oracle. The Greek pantheon was patterned after that of the Egyptians, not to mention the fact that several noted greek luminaries, such as Pythagoras and Euclid, went to Egypt to learn. It is even rumored that Delphus came from Egypt.

Homer, Odyssey 11. 102 ff :
"[The ghost of Teiresias (Tiresias) warns Odysseus of the travails which await him :] ‘You and your men may perhaps reach home, though with much misery, if only you have the strength to curb your own and your comrades' appetites when you leave dark ocean and bring your vessel near the Thrinakian (Thrinacian) island. You will find sheep and cattle grazing there; they belong to a god, all-seeing, all-hearing Helios (the Sun). If you leave these unharmed--if you set your mind only to return--you may all of you still reach Ithaka, though with much misery. But if you harm them, then I foretell destruction alike for your ship and for your comrades.’"

Orphica, Theogonies Fragment 57 (from Athenogoras) :
"The gods, as they [the Greeks] say, did not exist from the beginning, but each of them was born just as we are born. And this is agreed by them all, Homer saying ‘Okeanos (Oceanus) the genesis of the gods, and mother Tethys [Thesis],’ and Orpheus--who was the original inventor of the gods' names and recounted their births and said what they have all done, and who enjoys some credit among them as a true theologian, and is generally followed by Homer, above all about the gods--also making their first genesis from water : ‘Okeanos , who is the genesis of the all.’ For Hydros (Water) was according to him the origin of everything, and from Hydros (the Water) Mud [. the primordial Gaia (Earth)] formed, and from the pair of them a living creature was generated with an extra head growing upon it of a lion, and another of a bull, and in the middle of them a god's countenance; its name was Herakles and Khronos (Chronos, Time). This Herakles generated a huge egg [which formed the earth, sea and sky]."

Genesis and greek myths and comparison essays

genesis and greek myths and comparison essays


genesis and greek myths and comparison essaysgenesis and greek myths and comparison essaysgenesis and greek myths and comparison essaysgenesis and greek myths and comparison essays