Heath essay

After finishing filming The Dark Knight, Ledger began working on The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, playing as Tony. He died a third of the way into filming and his role was recast with Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law. The filming of the movie was suspended indefinitely two days after Ledger's death. Ledger had been a key factor in the financial aspect of the film. The director Terry Gilliam was determined to finish the movie. He was at first going to have Ledger's character "magically" transform into another character, he eventually decided against that and chose to replace Ledger in certain scenes with Depp, Farrell, and Law. Gilliam was making it seem as though Ledger's character was traveling through magical realms. Many actors like Tom Cruise had come forward to be a replacement for Ledger but Gillian wanted to keep the movie to actors who knew Ledger closely.

Smoking is a habit, usually easy to pick up but extremely difficult to let go. Several youths in their prime find smoking a “cool” indulgence and in most cases do not draw any direct pleasure from it. With time though, they become addicted to the nicotine and in the process grow as older smoking. With it come the health risks such as cancer, lung disease, stroke, heart attack, gum disease among others. Other undesirable outcomes have long been associated with smoking.  In retrospect, it is of vital importance that individuals should quit smoking. It begins by the individual admitting that the practice is dangerous, health-wise and therefore must quit. The next step is draw a plan on when and how to stop smoking. The individual should develop activities that would replace time spent during smoking. Either, a change of character will be paramount for the individual to do away with things that remind them of the smoky past. Finally, quitters who need additional pharmaceutical therapy may seek such therapy with the assistance of qualified physicians.

Heath essay

heath essay


heath essayheath essayheath essayheath essay