International database of dissertations

2015-0317    Floods; India
2015-0318    Storm; Tetovo, Macedonia
2015-0323    Floods; Mindano Isl., Philippines
2015-0324    Floods; Lao (Dem Rep)
2015-0336    Earthquake; South Kivu, Zaire/Congo (Rep Dem)
2015-0338    Severe storms; Chile
2015-0339    Typhoon (Soudelor); Taiwan, China (P Rep) and Philippines
2015-0341    Dengue outbreak; Samoa
2015-0342    Heat wave; Egypt
2015-0345    Floods; Korea (Dem P Rep)
2015-0346    Floods; Burkina-Faso
2015-0354    Earthquake; Alegria, El Salvador

The IDB's estimates and projections are prepared by Census Bureau demographers, who review a wide range of data, including censuses, surveys, and vital statistics provided by National Statistics Offices , and data on international migration and refugee movements. We also consider other information, such as public health efforts, socio-political circumstances, and historical events such as natural disasters and conflict.

International database of dissertations

international database of dissertations


international database of dissertationsinternational database of dissertationsinternational database of dissertationsinternational database of dissertations