Leadership and college essays

School of Public Policy Working together to achieve bold, courageous action for the common good is lost today in the noise of uncivil discourse and polarization, not just in Washington and not just in government. Action has been replaced with gridlock ,and trust in established institutions is at an all-time low. Challenges are more complex and new models for political and community change are required. But things can change. With a college for those who aspire to help shape and practice a different approach to leadership and public service.

The Ferris doctor of education (.) program was created for leaders of mission-driven, 21st-century community colleges. Courses are taught by experienced college leaders, including current and recent community college presidents, vice presidents, and deans.  This program is designed to prepare leaders for the changing environments in education. This inquiry-based, problem-solving, action-oriented approach is designed to develop the essential skills that will lead to success, regardless of the level from which graduates will lead.

Leadership and college essays

leadership and college essays


leadership and college essaysleadership and college essaysleadership and college essaysleadership and college essays