Paradise lost satan tragic hero essay

John Milton invented the name for the capital of Hell , "the High Capital, of Satan and his Peers ", built by the fallen angels at the suggestion of Mammon at the end of Book I of Paradise Lost (1667). It was designed by the architect Mulciber, who had been the designer of palaces in Heaven before his fall (in Milton, Mulciber is also the Roman god Vulcan ). Book II begins with the debate among the "Stygian Council" in the council-chamber of Pandæmonium. The demons built it in about an hour, but it far surpassed all human palaces or dwellings; it may have been small, however, as the demons are described as shrinking from their titanic size in order to fit in.

Mean while in other parts like deeds deservd
Memorial, where the might of Gabriel fought, [ 355 ]
And with fierce Ensignes pierc'd the deep array
Of Moloc furious King , who him defi'd
And at his Chariot wheeles to drag him bound
Threatn'd , nor from the Holie One of Heav'n
Refrein'd his tongue blasphemous; but anon [ 360 ]
Down clov'n to the waste , with shatterd Armes
And uncouth paine fled bellowing. On each wing
Uriel and Raphael his vaunting foe,
Though huge, and in a Rock of Diamond Armd ,
Vanquish'd Adramelec , and Asmadai , [ 365 ]
Two potent Thrones, that to be less then Gods
Disdain'd , but meaner thoughts learnd in thir flight,
Mangl'd with gastly wounds through Plate and Maile ,
Nor stood unmindful Abdiel to annoy
The Atheist crew, but with redoubl'd blow [ 370 ]
Ariel and Arioc , and the violence
Of Ramiel scorcht and blasted overthrew.
I might relate of thousands, and thir names
Eternize here on Earth; but those elect
Angels contented with thir fame in Heav'n [ 375 ]
Seek not the praise of men : the other sort
In might though wondrous and in Acts of Warr ,
Nor of Renown less eager, yet by doome
Canceld from Heav'n and sacred memorie ,
Nameless in dark oblivion let them dwell. [ 380 ]
For strength from Truth divided and from Just,
Illaudable, naught merits but dispraise
And ignominie , yet to glorie aspires
Vain glorious, and through infamie seeks fame:
Therfore Eternal silence be thir doome . [ 385 ]

Paradise lost satan tragic hero essay

paradise lost satan tragic hero essay


paradise lost satan tragic hero essayparadise lost satan tragic hero essayparadise lost satan tragic hero essayparadise lost satan tragic hero essay