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Logan's Run is the first in a trilogy, the last two books, Logan's World, and Logan's Search, written by Nolan alone. The first book is set in the 23rd century, where Logan-6 is a trained killer, who tracks down and kills citizens on the run from their impending death. He has one last mission before he turns 21: finding and destroying Sanctuary, a mythical place where the "runners" live in peace. But Logan does what men have a habit of doing that gets in the way of their plans - falls in love with Jessica, and begins to question the system he has been protecting. They go on the run.

Le Corbusier’s answer to the standardization of the construction industry was his modular. It was developed on the principles of proportions set forth by the “Golden Section” and Fibonacci sequences. However unlike his predecessors, Le Corbusier regulated his proportional schema to the realm of relative rather than absolute standards (34). “Taking man in his environment, instead of [utilizing] universals” Le Corbusier was able to quell some skeptics due to its lack of “metaphysical connotations”(35) Le Corbusier stated in his own manifesto that “man looks at the creation of architecture with his eyes, which are 5 feet 6 inches from the ground (Fig. 13).(36)” Relating the human body to Modulor enabled a “co-ordination at every level from town planning to furniture.”(37) The Modulor which consisted of “two divergent series of irrational numbers derived from the Golden Section” had its roots in the early proportional explorations by Le Corbusier in his work on the purist Villas like that of Graches (Fig. 12)(38).

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