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Gary Kessler, a frequent contributor to the WritersNet discussion board, is a novelist and freelance book editor who has edited more than eighty-five published books for some twenty traditional publishers since 1997. He has worked inside both trade and academic publishing houses and has released books of his own in traditional publishing, POD-production, and electronic publishing forms. He is the editor of the two-volume Writer’sNet Anthology of Prose , which was released in 2002. Gary’s previous career was with the . Government’s foreign media news agency, for which he served in embassies in East Asia and the Mediterranean and also served as the news agency’s managing editor. He provides writing and publishing tips for authors on his professional website at .

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In many cases, you can save a lot of time and money by opting for a consumer or prosumer editing program instead of a full-fledged professional application. Think about your project and consider your editing skill level and how much time it will take to learn to use the software you choose. Chances are that if you’re new to editing or have limited experience, programs like PowerDirector, VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio have enough tools and functionality to meet your needs. They cost much less, have many of the same tools found in their professional editing counterparts and can produce more-or-less the same results in many cases.

Professional editor

professional editor


professional editorprofessional editorprofessional editorprofessional editor