Psychology senior thesis topic ideas

To provide students with practical experience, the department offers a number of internships that can be completed for independent study credit. Recently, students have worked in a center for autistic children, a battered women´s shelter, advertising agencies, biofeedback clinics, employee assistance programs, residential facilities for emotionally disturbed children, and on a suicide phone line. Others have run groups for shy teenagers at a local high school, worked in day care centers or elementary schools, and consulted at local psychology.

We have put together instructions for students, who will upload their final theses into the Institutional Repository. Those instructions appear on a page of the Libguide for Thesis Writers . Please make sure you format the cover sheet for your thesis correctly. The template of a cover sheet proposed by various members of the faculty can be downloaded on that site or you can find a template here . If you have students who would like to digitally submit their theses with an embargo, they may request it with the Petition for Thesis Embargo Form.

A major in psychology provides training in the scientific analysis of human thought and behavior, their expression and their development. The Scripps program emphasizes understanding human actions and reactions—mental or psychological processes—through experiences such as observation, participation, and experimental investigation. Students are afforded opportunities to gain experience through field placement at nearby institutions and through collaboration with ongoing faculty research projects. Such projects include studies of human development over the life span from childhood through adolescence to old age; the role of culture in psychological development; and the influence of others on one’s thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors.

Psychology senior thesis topic ideas

psychology senior thesis topic ideas


psychology senior thesis topic ideaspsychology senior thesis topic ideaspsychology senior thesis topic ideaspsychology senior thesis topic ideas