Racial profiling essay outline

In 2012, Walker acquired the record collection of folk singer and folklorist Guy Carawan in return for a contribution to the Highlander Research and Education Center, with which Carawan and his wife, Candie, were associated with for many decades. The Carawan Collection consists of about 1,000 LP records of folk music from around the world. Guy Carawan is credited with having taught “We Shall Overcome” to the leaders of the sit-ins at a conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, on April 15, 1960. SNCC was organized at that conference.

(14) Be aware, however, that there is an issue of supply and demand here. Demand comes from organizations and businesses keen to display racial propriety by employing IWSBs, especially in positions at the interface with the general public—corporate sales reps, TV news presenters, press officers for government agencies, etc.—with corresponding depletion in less visible positions. There is also strong private demand from middle- and upper-class whites for personal bonds with IWSBs, for reasons given in the previous paragraph and also (next paragraph) as status markers.

Racial profiling essay outline

racial profiling essay outline


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