Roaring twenties photo essay

Matt is a writer and Geneva is an artist. They both love antiquing and Geneva’s ring is from the 1920s. Their gorgeous venue, the Clarke Estate was also built in the 20’s so they thought it would be fun to have a roaring 20’s party! Saying their vows under a large tree in the middle of an orchard, surrounded by the loveliest of friends + family and dancing to the romantic tunes of Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire, their wedding was pretty magical. Thanks so much to Joy at Wildflowers Photography   for letting me share these gorgeous photos with you all today!

By the mid 1920s the post-war period of prosperity was well and truly over. The re-introduction of the Gold Standard by Winston Churchill in 1925 kept interest rates high and meant UK exports were expensive. Coal reserves had been depleted during the War and Britain was now importing more coal than it was mining. All this and the lack of investment in the new mass-production techniques in industry led to a period of depression, deflation and decline in the UK’s economy. Poverty amongst the unemployed contrasted strikingly with the affluence of the middle and upper classes.

Roaring twenties photo essay

roaring twenties photo essay


roaring twenties photo essayroaring twenties photo essayroaring twenties photo essayroaring twenties photo essay