Soil conservation essay contest kentucky

The Soil & Water Conservation District is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio. Trumbull SWCD is a local, state, and federal partnership. The Trumbull district was formed in the late 1940's by a referendum vote by over 70% of the electorate. We receive appropriations from the County, Townships, and Municipalities with the State of Ohio matching the local government funds. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) also provide additional resource assistance.

Winning Essay.... Soil is very important to our survival. We may not eat soil but we do eat the things that grow out of it. Soil is just dead organisms, leaves, rocks, and minerals. If you think about it, soil is actually our best friend. It grows our food. It is the foundations for our buildings and it also is what we stand on every day. If we didn’t have soil then we could not live, it’s as simple as that. We could not grow our food, or make our buildings. Soil conservation is very important, most soil we can’t use. Either because it’s under the ocean, our buildings, or is a landfill or contaminated with chemicals. Also some soil is just too poor to grow food plants. The soil we do or can use for soil is used up over time. The plants suck the nutrients out of it and then the soil becomes poor that is why we have to plant soy beans. Soy beans contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria that releases minerals back into the soil that corn and other plants take away. That is one way that we can restore poor soil that was once fertile. Farming can be both helpful and dangerous to soil. We should all know that plants take water and nutrients out of the soil so that they can grow. But, what happens to the soil well it gets poor. Fertilizer can help the soil and plants but too much fertilizer can actually hurt the plants that are growing in that soil. It can burn them up. If we don’t have plants to grow in the soil, then it is not good for the soil. Humans are very reliant on soil. Our farms that grow food plants and/or animals are the basis for our survival. Too many people take soil for granted. They don’t realize that the potatoes and bananas at the grocery were grown on a farm and a lot of work went into them. It also happens with beef, pork, and poultry products. If we didn’t have the soil to make the grain to feed the animals then most everybody would starve. People need to start picking what crops they plant carefully. When you plant corn for two or more years in a row then you need to plant something different such as soy beans. Soy beans contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria that put minerals back into the soil that corn and other such plants take out. Crop rotation is vital to soil conservation. Soy beans are very healthy too, but I don’t think they taste so great. You may not realize this also, but our factories are harming our soil. Especially chemical and nuclear reactor factories. When they get waste from their products they have to do something with it. They usually take it to a toxic waste dump, when they dump off their waste some of it leaks into the ground. Of course the ground there is ruined, but what if the waste gets into an underwater stream, then the chemicals get spread throughout a long strand of soil, contaminating and ruining it. Not to mention the water supply, the water in the stream that is contaminated is ruined, so it is kind of a lose lose situation for our soil and water supply. So you have just read my essay on soil conservation. I am Nicolas Sivori and good day. By Nicolas Sivori

Soil conservation essay contest kentucky

soil conservation essay contest kentucky


soil conservation essay contest kentuckysoil conservation essay contest kentuckysoil conservation essay contest kentuckysoil conservation essay contest kentucky