Teach me how to write a essay

Some additional activities Gracen, as well as others, might enjoy I used to do with my classes when I taught preschool: 1) Cut letters out of fine sandpaper & glue each to cardstock. The child can sort the letters into the proper order & then trace each with his or her finger; 2) Write each letter of the alphabet onto approximately 4″x6″ or 5″x7″ cardstock – I would write the uppercase letter on one side in red & the lowercase on the back in blue – & laminate both sides. I used clear contact paper to do this. Then provide playdough or clay for them to roll out & form the letters. Homemade cooked playdough is best, while it is still warm & color & scent of choice can be added, if desired; 3) On cardstock write out the child’s name in large dots. Directional arrows can be added in a different color, if needed. Laminate the card(s) & provide the child with a dry-erase marker to use to connect-the-dots to form each letter; 4) Have the child find & cut the appropriate letters out of an old magazine or newspaper to form his or her name and glue to paper or cardstock; 5) Assist the child in writing out his or her name in glue using a glue bottle or painting glue over pre-written letters with a small paintbrush. A gluestick may also be used. Then cover the glue with glitter, shake off the excess, & reveal his or her name. Allow to dry before hanging. I used plastic trays & aluminum pie pans to help contain the glitter mess; 6) Provide the child with a large pile of pennies, washers, buttons, M&M’s, Skittles, or something silmilar to use to form the letters of his or her name. A card with the name pre-written on it in large letters may be used. 7) Make homemade pretzels & help the child form each letter of his or her name out of the dough, bake & eat. Also, practice writing letters using all types of mediums such as pencils, colored pencils, pens, crayons, fine & broad markers, chalk, charcoal, paint & paintbrush, etc. on different types of paper & cardboard. White on black is a very interesting effect. A white dry-erase board or Magna-Doodle board is fun to practice writing letters on, too, as is a sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.

Teach me how to write a essay

teach me how to write a essay


teach me how to write a essayteach me how to write a essayteach me how to write a essayteach me how to write a essay