Technopoly by postman essay

In 1969 and 1970 Postman collaborated with New Rochelle educator Alan Shapiro on the development of a model school based on the principles expressed in Teaching as a Subversive Activity . The result was the "Program for Inquiry, Involvement, and Independent Study" within New Rochelle High School . [9] This "open school" experiment survived for 15 years, a In subsequent years many programs following these principles were developed in American high schools, current survivors include Walter Koral's Language class at the Village School [10] in Great Neck, New York .

Since traditional information filters no longer work, Postman explains, we turn increasingly to experts, bureaucrats, and social scientists who, abetted by computers, control the flood of data. Experts are one thing when a technical solution is called for (space rocketry or the construction of a sewer system, for instance), but since even human relations have become "technicalized" there are now experts in social, psychological, and moral affairs. The result is that we look for technical solutions to human problems. But it is a Faustian bargain, Postman says, one we can little afford to make.

Technopoly by postman essay

technopoly by postman essay


technopoly by postman essaytechnopoly by postman essaytechnopoly by postman essaytechnopoly by postman essay