The good earth theme essay

Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, Ohio was where I sh!t myself waddling in a daze out of the park to my car trying to figure out how I should go into the Target Department Store in Sandusky to buy some new undershorts, socks, and a new pair of baggy bombardier pockets pants. Lucky I had a plastic garbage bag in the trunk of my car with a roll of toilet paper just in case of such a tragic itinerary. You should’ve seen the looks on peoples’ faces wrinkling up their noses at the smell as i had this plastic garbage bag wrapped around my waist until I could select a fresh outfit in the store. It was clever how I got past the surveillence cameras to use the restroom to clean myself, find a new garbage bag placed in the bottom of the trash barrel, discard my pooped up underpants and pants, wrap the new bag around my waist, checkout with my MasterCard, and go back to the restroom to get dressed again… I’m really good when it comes to sh!tting myself.

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The good earth theme essay

the good earth theme essay


the good earth theme essaythe good earth theme essaythe good earth theme essaythe good earth theme essay