Thesis dos and don'ts

Get a hand bellows…they really puff out and distribute the Drionne nicely..I don’t think that the Drionne would compromise the integrity of the plastic..its not like it would eat away at it..its not that kind of substance….but if you use the clear plastic, and puff the Drionne….in a few weeks or a month or two you should be able to see any activity inside…I just hate that all of my stuff is somewhere out there…its an awful feeling…..and like I said..I am now terrified of having to walk inside one of those storage facilities…I think that when I do, I am going to suit up…and have some bed bug terminator in my hip belt !!!

5.  Take on debt .  Let’s say you work really hard and get accepted to a top tier program, but without the fellowship support that you need because — silly you! — you’re not rich.  You night start thinking, "sure, I’ll have to take on some debt, but it’s a great program and therefore worth it."  Wrong!  First of all, it’s not like you’re going to be raking in the bucks as a post-grad — even a small amount of debt can be financially debilitating.  Second, not getting a fellowship is a powerful signal of lukewarm interest on the part of the school, so you’d already be starting with a strike against you.  Unless you’re rich, only attend traditional . programs that offer you full tuition and a stipend. 

Thesis dos and don'ts

thesis dos and don'ts


thesis dos and don'tsthesis dos and don'tsthesis dos and don'tsthesis dos and don'ts