Thesis on drinking water

Flouride Concerns
Make sure to choose a bottled water that is low in fluoride, as high fluoride levels can cause permanent damage to your chlid’s developing teeth. Even though your child’s digestive system is not strong enough to have water, remember that breast milk and/or formula are still the main source of nutrients, so do not overfeed your child on water. Plus, too much water can cause your child to be full and not want to take the breast milk or formula at feeding time. And too much water can also be dangerous for your child.

Magnetic water (MW) is water that has been passed through a magnetic field. Magnetic water treatment devices (MTDs) or magnetic water softeners are environmentally friendly, with low installation costs and no energy requirements. MW can be used to increase crop yield, induce seed germination and benefit the health of livestock. MW treatment is currently used in Australia, Bulgaria, China, England, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey and the United States for these purposes (Qados and Hozyan, 2010 and Hozayn and Qados, 2010). It is believed that magnetized water used for irrigation can improve water productivity (Duarte Diaz et al ., 1997), thus conserving water supplies for the expected future global water scarcity.  MW has also been found to be effective at preventing and removing scale deposits in pipes and water containing structures.  Magnetized water also can increase the levels of CO2 and H+ in soils comparable to the addition of fertilizers. Cleaning agents have an increased effectiveness when combined with the power of MW, and the amount of cleaner used can be reduced by one-third to one-fourth (Kronenberg, 1993). 

Thesis on drinking water

thesis on drinking water


thesis on drinking waterthesis on drinking waterthesis on drinking waterthesis on drinking water