Thesis on hr policies

You decide to consult with your mentor—an experienced, powerful HR executive at another company. She presents the following for you to consider:
•What steps will you take in your policy, procedure, and HR rules review with the jewelry company?
•What will that involve? As you consider their HR policies, how will you ensure they are effectively aligned with what you see as the company’s goals?
•If you find areas where policy revision is needed, how will you present your recommendations?
•How do you feel your recommendations will be viewed?
•Do you anticipate resistance? If so, what plan do you have to overcome that?
•What do you see as the possible outcome from policy revision in terms of impact on the company’s performance?
•Write her an e-mail addressing these issues.

The Balanced Scorecard makes a unique contribution by describing strategy in a consistent and insightful way. Before the development of strategy scorecards, HR managers had not an acceptable framework for describing SHRM. The simple act of describing SHRM via strategy maps and scorecards is an enormous breakthrough to aid SHRM implementation (Kaplan & Norton 2001).

It is important to note that Companies that have implemented SHRM [Pepsi, Aetna, and IBM] have shown an improvement in business results due to efficiency and effectiveness of productivity, performance and employee morale. Unfortunately, transforming HR from an administrative role to a more strategic one is a slow process. Many management teams still have trouble figuring out what it will actually take to transform HR into a strategic function (Connolly, Mardis & Down).

Thesis on hr policies

thesis on hr policies


thesis on hr policiesthesis on hr policiesthesis on hr policiesthesis on hr policies