Tudor clothes homework help

Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies (HALS), based at County Hall in Hertford, has a wide range of resources to assist in the teaching of history, geography and local studies. These include original records of local authorities, schools, manors and estates, businesses and families etc. in Hertfordshire, as well as printed and published materials - books, newspapers, maps and photographs etc.

I have been watching the six wives of Henry V111 the TV series on DVD with Keith Michell who sadly died recently. The remark he made about Anne of Cleves his 5th wife that she had a strange smell coming from her person. And he liked her not. I have heard that her hygiene was not good when I looked on certain historical sites. Elizabeth 1 I have also heard this about. Henry V111 legs which I believe where ulcerated most have smelt bad to I would imagine. I don’t think they had soap in those days to wash so herbs and spices would have been added to the water.

Tudor clothes homework help

tudor clothes homework help


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