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I love to write, I wrote my first short story in elementary school, I believe the 4th grade. Teacher wanted to publish it. I was such a shy student, did not want to draw attention to myself. I said no, please do not. Now, as an adult, I finally submitted a short story to a magazine. I also, like many others, felt sick to my stomach when I clicked “submit”. I was nervous, scared, what if they said it was crappy writing?? I did finally get an email back 3 weeks later(seemed like eternity), my story was not suitable for that particular magazine. Plus side, the editor liked my story, I finally was brave enough to submit one, and yes I will continue to write!!!!

Back at the hotel, RM 102, 8:23 pm.
After the wedding ceremony,
Elaine Raines, now Anders, laughing as she was wrapped in her husband’s arm, Vince Anders.
Elaine still in his arms,
“Wow!” She exclaimed as Vince slams the door locked with a kick.
Romantically, they both flopped into the bed and then it became cozy.
After a few minutes,
He made for the refrigerator. Drink in hand. Vince smiled as he noticed the room had received so much effort, no wonder it looks perfect for the night, he taught.
Vince seems to be taking much time to get back into action, with an amazing celerity, Elaine began sending across a coquettish smile. Lights out. Bang Bang!

I’m not a “real” writer, though I do write things, almost every day. I’m writing this, of course. I have always loved to hang out in libraries. Some have been saying they’re disappearing. Not that I’ve noticed. In my Florida home town, a popular resort area no less, our library system is expanding and improving all the time. My local was recently completely revamped, top to bottom. It has several dozen computers, study carels, a public meeting room, comfy corners with tables and easy chairs, a teen room, audio visual resources, an extensive collection of CD’s and videos …. and yes, books! Lots and lots of books, for adults, scholars, large print, kids of all ages. If something isn’t on the shelves, it’ll be ordered from the county system or baring that, from the state system. I can go on line from home, renew books, sign up for eBooks to be delivered to my device, put holds on popular books or the ones I want to pick up later from the expansive “holding for patrons” shelves.

Write a literary research paper

write a literary research paper


write a literary research paperwrite a literary research paperwrite a literary research paperwrite a literary research paper